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At Refolks we believe the future belongs to connected companies. According to our experience we know that the key is not only top-down communication, but also building community based on long-term relationships and bottom-up communication. As a certified Workplace from Meta Partner, we can help your company start the journey to better internal communications. We will also guide you through the entire process of implementing, integration with tools you use and create a successful communication campaign.

We are the leading partner of Workplace
in Central and Eastern European

You can find us in Poland, Latvia, Romania and Ukraine.

Our main values

In contact with the client, we follow the same principles that are important to us inside the company.
Focus on customer needs
Open communication
People over products
Collaboration built on trust and honesty

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Izabela Praszczyk
Izabela Praszczyk
Head of Brand
Paulina Górska
Paulina Górska
Brand Marketing Manager
Tomasz Nawrat
Tomasz Nawrat
Technical Manager
Aleksandra Banacka
Aleksandra Banacka
Graphic Designer

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