Workplace is a social media platform for organizations improving their internal communication and enabling convenient collaboration. Although a completely separate platform, Workplace contains all the familiar elements of the Facebook interface. In Workplace, groups are collaboration spaces where projects get done. Each employee has their own profile and sees the News Feed with the latest information from the company’s life. This service also includes a convenient chat for employees to have 1-on-1 and group conversations.

Workplace accounts are separate from personal Facebook accounts. Workplace is built on Facebook's infrastructure, but it is a separate platform. The same is true for data that is added on Workplace.

No, neither the employer nor the person managing the instance has access to personal Facebook accounts. The professional and personal versions of the platform operate one hundred percent separately.

We hold ourselves to the same data and privacy standards as other leading SaaS providers and enterprise software products. Workplace Advanced is ISO27001  and ISO27018  certified, and our security practices are regularly audited by independent third-party auditors with an industry standard SOC3 Report. For Advanced customers, a detailed SOC2 report is available upon request.

Workplace is GDPR compliant. We have a Data Processing Addendum in the agreement to offer the data processing protections of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to all of our customers. The commitments we make under the Data Processing Addendum apply to all customers and we do not differentiate between EU users and those in other territories.

Frontline employees are people whose primary role is to work directly with customers or the general public by providing services, support, or selling products. It also includes employees who are directly involved in the manufacturing and distribution of products.  

Sure, you can use box intregration e.g. Active Directory, Okta, Cisco Webex, Trello etc. (in this website or preprare your own.

If you're using Single Sign-On (SSO), you can prevent access for a specific account when an employee leaves, but this doesn't deactivate the account, and the account holder may still receive email notifications from Workplace. Other employees will continue to be able to find and message that account, with no indication that the individual has left, which is a poor user experience.

No, Workplace, as a professional service, is free of advertising.

Companies using the Workplace platform often observe the elimination or decreased need for other collaboration tools, such as an intranet, telephone systems, dedicated videoconferencing software or e-mails. Research carried out by Forrester Consulting showed that Workplace can decrease internal communication costs by up to 25%. In addition to simplifying communication, Workplace inspires all level employees to use new technologies and drive a modern organizational culture.