Why Workplace from Meta?

The platform’s layout won’t surprise your employees - it’s based on the most popular social medium, so every user of the internet is at least a bit familiar with it. There’s no additional training required for regular users.

Videos and live conferences

Workplace allows you not only to post and chat but also to receive and publish audiovisual content. On the platform, you can organise video meetings for up to 50 people, as well as to conduct streaming in groups and distribute recordings afterwards.


Besides discussion groups, Workplace can be used to share content, files and texts privately. WorkChat is an equivalent of Facebook Messenger but for professional purposes - it’s available as a mobile app and embedded on the platform.

Two mobile apps

Company-wide social media should be available to users at all times from every type of device, so they can stay up to date with what’s happening also when they’re working remotely or travel.

Workplace mobile app allows you to use all the features of the platform that you find on the desktop. The second app - WorkChat - is a communicator that makes participating in private and group conversations easy.

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Convenient and safe user authorisation

Workplace administrator can decide how to give new users access to the platform. Lack of business email address or company phone is not an obstacle - field workers can join the community via convenient access codes.

Translations to 46 languages

Workplace can streamline communication between employees from all around the world. Whenever someone publishes a post in a language that you don’t understand, Workplace will offer you an automatic translation.

Real-time feedback

Wouldn’t it be easier to draw conclusions from charts instead of various comments and reactions? If you want to get feedback instantly, you can use a built-in form creation tool.

Clear organisational structure

In medium and large enterprises, it’s hard to keep track of everyone's positions and the general hierarchy of employees. Profiles on Workplace are labelled with an employee’s function and direct supervisor so the whole structure tree is known and easy to find.

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What you gain with Workplace:

Free mobile apps for Android & iOS

1 TB space per user

Ability to manage mobile devices connected to the platform

Unlimited number of groups

Technical support

Quick data migration

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