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Workplace is a communication platform that allows users to share data and files in real-time. It connects office workers, field workers, management and people working remotely. It’s more than communicator - it’s a tool for building a coherent community as well as corporate culture.

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85% of deskless workers feel disconnected from head office. Workplace uses familiar, mobile-friendly tools to help you get your message across to them and give them a voice.

Connect your remote workers

Nobody wants to be a 'remote' worker. Workplace uses simple and familiar tools to keep people connected, informed and productive – even when they're apart.

Create an official internal communication channel

Workplace makes Comms teams more successful by boosting engagement with strategic communications, making leaders more visible and amplifying company culture.

Workplace makes large companies feel smaller, using familiar and secure tools to connect people and get everybody on the same page.

Connect a new platform with tools you are already using.

Integrations with the likes of Zoom, Webex and BlueJeans make it easy to hold better virtual meetings and get important updates to everyone in your company.

Find out how to create efficient internal communication tool in your company

We provide professional trainings for Administrators, Champions and Management to prepare them to launch Workplace in your organization and engage the entire company.

Resolve your technical issue with us

After the implementation, we won’t leave you by yourself - you can always count on our personal and technical support.

About us

At Refolks we believe the future belongs to connected companies. According to our experience we know that the key is not only top-down communication, but also building community based on long-term relationships and bottom-up communication.

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For now, one of the biggest communication challenges is the complementarity of the tool that employees want and like to use. The ability to enter quick discussions, calls, responses with gifs and emoticons, publishing photos and videos, creating surveys, events, articles, or live streaming, has quickly made Workplace a strategic and key communication tool for us. The platform is intuitive, very helpful in building a culture based on openness and authenticity, and for new employees to take their first steps in the company.

- Patryk Józefowicz, Employer Branding Expert
We needed a game-changing communication channel - we've decided to implement Workplace. Soon, it became a central communication hub in the organization. Every month we have over 80% of our employees logged in and 50 active
groups. - Magdalena Brzezińska, Senior Corporate Affairs Manager

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