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September 5, 2019

Why is it worth cooperating with a Workplace from Meta Partner?

Many companies that want to improve their communication within the organization go directly to the supplier of a specific tool. However, global groups such as Facebook or Google, run special partner programs and cooperate with companies around the world. Apart from selling licenses, the partner supports clients in the process of implementing and maintaining the Workplace platform. 

Refolks has almost 15,000 paying users on its account who use Workplace. We also share good practices with the community in Poland at the Workplace Poland Community group.

Who can become a Workplace from Meta Partner?

Facebook has an affiliate program that allows qualified companies to sell the Workplace from Meta tool.

Authorized Partners, like Refolks, help their clients make lasting and substantial improvements in their internal communication process. Additionally, they supervise the implementation of Workplace platform and integration of already used tools in your company. They can also help you with creating an effective communication campaign for your employees.

Facebook partners help organizations transform internal communication by creating engaged communities and two-way business communication.

Areas supported by Refolks - Partner Workplace from Meta in Poland

Experts from our company have been implementing Workplace from Meta in Central and Eastern Europe for many years and take the internal communication of clients to a higher level. They have experience in both the business and technological aspects, which means that they will guide your organization step by step through implementation, integration and an information campaign for employees.

At Refolks, our employees use Workplace every day, so they will be happy to share their knowledge and experience from the daily life of the company. The great news is that we are also supported by Workplace in the educational aspect. Thanks to their materials we evolve every day.

The knowledge we have gained, as well as the direct support we receive from Workplace from Meta, translate into benefits for companies that decide to cooperate with a partner.

Free test period

It is definitely not worth choosing a pig in a poke! As a Partner we can offer up to 30 days of free tests. This period will be sufficient to check whether the tool meets the company's expectations. We will prepare a set of materials for you, including usage instructions, implementation schedule and technical support.

Needs analysis

First of all, we want to understand the business needs of our clients and respond to them. Together, we analyze the business goals, the difficulties faced by the organization, and then find the perfect solution, functionalities and integration that will allow users to use the platform smoothly.

VAT invoices in PLN

Invoices for the Workplace from Meta tool are issued in US dollars. However, we care about an individual approach to clients, which is why we offer invoices in euros or zlotys. An additional advantage is the lack of the need to connect a company credit card. This is a great convenience for companies that want to pay in the local currency.

Agreement in your local language

The license purchase agreement is in English, but if it has to be translated by law in your country - no problem. We will approach the matter individually and conclude a bilingual agreement to meet all formal requirements in your country.

Implementation Support

The key to the success of communication is not only the tool itself, but also constant building of commitment and knowledge how to use it. Therefore, we will guide you through the whole process of implementation based on the five pillars of success:

  • Involvement of C-Level 
  • Integration System
  • Transfer / Migration processes 
  • Communication strategy
  • structure groups

During the implementation process our clients can see possibilities of Workplace and how to build lasting relationships with employees. To learn more about the implementation process - contact us.

Technical support 

Our structure includes a Support Department, which is available to our clients throughout the working week, during Polish working hours - those in which most of our clients operate. We provide technical and substantive support in Polish and English. Our clients can ask us questions, request a consultation and contact us when faced with any difficulties.

It is worth deciding to cooperate with a Partner! 

Cooperation with a local Workplace from Meta Partner means not only access to the platform, but also support throughout the implementation process, start and good practices.