Best practices
August 4, 2022

How do you choose Champions on Workplace?

Champions are kind of ambassadors on Workplace. They are individuals who, through their authority, raise awareness of internal communication within the organisation, strengthen relationships within the company and also have extensive knowledge of the tool and the business itself.

Champions play a key role when implementing the tool in an organisation. They are the initial users who help shape the Workplace community and its behaviour. They will make the user (employee) experience richer and much more enjoyable.

The first step is to help build the community by creating groups and adding content before the rest of the organisation joins the platform. Champions are tasked with transferring key information about projects, teams or the business to the platform, while focusing on strategies to activate new users. They make it easy to create a communication plan, develop relevant messages and tailor them to relevant use cases. 

How do you choose a Champion in your organisation?   

What traits should a Champion have?

  1. A positive attitude, drive to take action, think outside the box and represent values that are important to the organisation/company.
  2. Willingness to support the creation of engaging content. 
  3. Be a leader in your community. 
  4. Provide feedback and encourage its expression through transparent communication. 

Most importantly, the Champion should be selected from a representative group where all departments, locations, generations and management levels are represented. Workplace estimates that approximately 10% of employees should be among the Champions. 

As mentioned earlier, it is also worth bearing in mind the Champion's impact on the organisation and their commitment. Here, factors such as networking savvy, visionary or motivation will be useful, which will also allow you to more accurately determine the predisposition of the future Champion.

How can the Champion support your activities?

During the implementation phase, his or her main role is to support in developing the communication process, training and onboarding employees to the platform. It is worth thinking about early access for Champion, who can create groups and publish content, to ensure a friendly experience for all your colleagues. 

During the launch phase, Champions are key to encouraging all employees to activate their profiles. As the first experts, they can share knowledge and raise awareness of Workplace features.

Once the tool is up and running, Champions play an active role in workplace engagement campaigns. Through them, you can reach out and inspire all your colleagues, especially those who are feeling left behind in terms of engagement. Together, you can continue to commit to initiatives and campaigns on your Workplace, and you can use your Champions as eyes and ears, looking for examples of how to apply and improve communications in your organisation.