Customer Success
June 2, 2022

Get to know you - how to personalise your Workplace profile?

Just like on Facebook, your Workplace profile is your business card, so personalise it. Taking a moment to introduce yourself will help you to break the ice with other users of the platform.  

In this article, you will learn how to complete your profile to help get yourself noticed!

Profile photo 

In the age of remote working, adding a profile picture is sometimes the only way to show yourself.  It's easier for us to make contact when we know who we're talking to. Add a profile picture to avoid being anonymous in your workplace.  


You can further personalise your profile photo with overlays. Working remotely or on holiday? Let others know about it using the available overlays.  

Additional information  

In addition to your photo, you can also add a short description of your role in the organisation. This allows others to quickly find the most important information about your position in the company. Adding your work phone number and email address will improve communication with your colleagues.  


Workplace lets you add the skills you want to highlight. Complete your profile with the languages you speak, the tools you can use, and any competencies that may be helpful to your co-workers.  

Organisation chart  

The organisation chart is also a useful feature in Workplace. After clicking on its icon, we can see the location of each employee in the organisation structure. Thanks to this, we can easily find out who the manager of a given employee is and with whom they work in a team.  

Express yourself! 

Of course, these are just the basic features you need to personalise your Workplace profile. Get creative and play with your image! You can check your Workplace activities in your Activity Log. Let people know you at your best.


As an administrator, you have the possibility to award badges, which appear on the employee's profile. This allows you to recognise various achievements.

You can choose from a set of default badges, but you can also create custom badges tailored to your company.

For more information about showcasing achievements in Workplace, visit the Customer Resource Centre.