Why Workplace?

Wondering which tool to use to improve internal communication in your company? Start your digital transformation journey with Workplace from Meta and see why this platform will give your employees a place to easily communicate and collaborate effectively. 

Let's start from the beginning. Workplace from Meta is more than just a messenger. It's a tool for building a community and workplace culture that: 

  • connects all employees in a company no matter where they are,
  • allows for the expression of opinions and views and active participation in the life of the organisation, giving all employees a voice,
  • increases commitment and improves internal communication,
  • reduces the distance between management and the rest of the workforce.

Workplace ensures effective communication through intuitive features such as: 

  • Knowledge Library 
  • Chat 
  • Groups 
  • Posts 
  • Video chats and live broadcasts 
  • Surveys 
  • Organisation chart 
  • Integrations

and much more!

Why does Workplace win over other tools?

As we mentioned in a previous article, Workplace and Facebook are two social media platforms created by one of the biggest technology players in the world - Meta. Thanks to the fact that they were created using the same technology and have similar features, Workplace from Meta is quick to implement, and the fact that it is built on a system that is familiar to billions of people around the world makes for a significant reduction in implementation time. Facebook is used by 3 billion people a month, so the tool is easily adopted by employees (it only takes 60-90 days for over 80% of users to actively use Workplace). 

Workplace in numbers:

24 % increase in employee engagement.

34 % reduction of time needed to read the news.

25 % reduction in communication costs.

24 % increase in onboarding efficiency.

20 % reduction in decision-making time.

10 % increase in employee retention.

Facebook puts people before technology, which is why it cares about data security and focuses on creating and developing innovative solutions tailored to consumers' needs. Workplace is a platform for which there are no divisions - it brings together all generations, both those who prefer older forms of communication and those who have been brought up on new technologies. 

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