How do IT tools support internal communication?

In the era of remote work, IT tools allow us to maintain an adequate flow of information between employees. Organisations, in order to improve internal communication, are constantly looking for new technological solutions. 


Among the popular solutions, the leading place is held by the Intranet, which serves as an internal Internet and network available only to a selected group of users. Intranet gives the opportunity to share audio materials, videos, presentations, databases and much more. Information can be updated on a regular basis, with the ability to monitor statistics, including the number of views, being a useful feature. However, it is worth planning the communication strategy on the intranet (especially the number and type of messages posted) to avoid information clutter.

Instant messages 

Instant messages allow for a quick exchange of information regardless of the physical distance between people chatting. This type of communication in a company can positively influence the level of employees' engagement in sharing their ideas and greatly simplify the free flow of information. However, this tool is not perfect for group conversations or formal communication. 

Internal Newsletter  

An internal newsletter is a good solution for companies whose main communication tool is email. It allows employees to inform employees about the most important events in a simple, fast and clear way. However, it is worth remembering that the message may get lost in a load of other emails and there is no certainty that each of the interested individuals will actually read the message received. 

Video transmissions  

To diversify the message and gain a guarantee of reaching the target group, companies decide to introduce various types of video broadcasting tools. Dynamic content is a much more interesting form of communication than static, while, like newsletters, it is only used for one-way communication, for example to pass on important company announcements. 

Video calls

Video calls give the impression of "face to face" communication and are a substitute for real office meetings. They allow for quick conversations and personalised contact between employees. 

Tools for employee integration 

Don't forget the value that a cohesive team brings to any company. According to the principle: "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", you should remember to implement tools that will allow employees to get to know each other better, exchange interests and, as a result, build bonds and a strong organisational culture. This is of great importance especially now, when most companies work in remote or hybrid mode. 

Multifunctional Workplace from Meta

Instead of instructing your team in the use of several internal communication tools, it makes sense to implement a single solution that will help solve most of the problems related to the proper flow of information in your organisation.  

Workplace from Meta provides all of the above-mentioned functionalities, as well as access to the Knowledge Library, organisational chart, polls, posts or calls. It is a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool that improves internal communication, so important in the era of progressive digital transformation.