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June 15, 2022

Online does not mean offline, in other words cooperation in Groups

Stay connected and share knowledge with others 

Groups in Workplace provide a space to connect with colleagues, build community and collaborate on projects across the organisation. They are the main channels for information flow and secure document sharing. Group members can communicate with each other in real time, significantly optimising communication time.

What types of groups are there?

 In Workplace, we can distinguish several types of groups:

  • Project - for teams to collaborate on important projects
  • Discussion - for expressing opinions and discussing new ideas
  • Announcements - news and updates from company life
  • Social - for communication related to common goals and interests
  • Multi-company - for communication with people outside your organisation who also use Workplace

How do I use groups?

When you create a group, you immediately become its administrator. You can invite an unlimited number of users to a group. However, if it includes synchronised chat, you can add up to 250 members.

What features can you find in groups? 

  • Create a pinned post so it appears first in the top News section. Explain the purpose of the group and describe its rules.
  • Mark the group as official and it will be the main channel of communication within the organisation.
  • Create posts to communicate with colleagues and make sure important updates reach the right people, receiving feedback in the form of reactions and comments.
  • Customise your notification settings to avoid information overload.
  • Conduct a poll to ask users for their opinions on a topic and give them a voice on key issues.
  • Play with the communication by adding photos, giphs or videos.
  • Create learning materials and test employee knowledge with the Learning module.  
  • Share documents.
  • Create a Room to chat live with group members.
  • Share your success with the Share Achievement feature.
  • Use Chat to have conversations and make instant decisions.

How to create a group?

Create as many groups as you want by clicking the 'Create Group' button. You can do this on your computer or by going to the Groups tab on your mobile device. Follow the instructions to give the group a name, choose privacy settings and invite users.

When creating a group, you have three types of privacy available:

  1. Public Group - a group related to company-wide communications. It is open to everyone, and new employees are automatically added there.
  1. Closed group - which can only be accessed by a specific group of people, for example, employees from a particular department or people working on a single project. Users to this type of group are invited by the administrator. 
  1. Secret group - only invited people can see the group and have access to it. Other users cannot search for it or apply to join it.

Collaborate with people outside your organisation  

Multi-company groups allow people from different organisations to collaborate, provided that they also use Workplace in their workplaces.

With this functionality, exchanging ideas with people outside your company, such as your customers, has never been easier. You don't have to contact them using other tools. Just give them access to a multi-company group to keep them up to date on product-related news.

Manage communication transparently

Groups provide a space for colleagues to communicate around common goals and interests. You can create a group to talk about company events, give feedback on projects and discuss new ideas. Administering individual groups is very intuitive and gives you many options. Thanks to additional options, you can freely select participants and create group rules according to the current needs of your organisation or the topic you are currently working on.

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