July 5, 2022

Communication in the time of pandemic | case study Group S.A. is a technology company that has achieved success by creating modern tools for the TSL industry. Today, the Wroclaw-based company operates internationally: it opens new branches, creates innovative products and solutions for the IT Logistics sector, and employs more than 800 people.

With the beginning of the pandemic, the company faced major challenges in the area of both work mode and internal communication. wanted to unify the communication throughout the organization and use modern technology as a supporting tool. is also one of the first organizations to implement Workplace from Meta.

Established goals

The main objective was to maintain internal communication in the spirit of modern social media, where every employee has quick access to information and a real impact on building the culture of the organization. Finding a way to exchange messages not in a traditional hierarchical mode, but dynamic communication, where every voice matters and possible difficulties are resolved quickly and openly, was the main reason for introducing Workplace from Meta as the main platform for internal social communication.

SMART and FAIR - the basics of communication managed to build communication based on two words which constitute the company's mission and are the basis of their internal and external communication - SMART and FAIR. 

Workplace from Meta turned out to be an ideal tool for exchanging ideas, building employee engagement, open exchange of opinions, expressing creativity, and transparently informing about the company's internal situation in the difficult time of the pandemic.

Workplace from Meta on a daily basis

Workplace from Meta gives you the ability to create groups to engage employees without overwhelming them with lots of unnecessary information. At first, groups were created at the initiative of managers, but the process quickly evolved. 

Individual groups began to form naturally, often from the bottom up. Today, there are over a hundred groups and they can be divided into: 

  • News and Insights, which are open groups with information addressed to the entire group or a majority of employees.
  • Project groups where closed discussions take place. In these groups, employees share information about the progress of individual projects, exchange ideas, and solve current challenges.
  • Improvements and ideas, that is, groups responsible for providing customer feedback and product development.
  • Knowledge Exchange is a place created to share knowledge in the field of transportation and logistics.
  • Events - this is where brainstorming sessions are held to create events that are important for the entire organization or individual departments within  
  • Shared Passions are groups in support of Employee Branding where everyone has the opportunity to share their hobbies and interests.

The communication leaders at Workplace from Meta have emerged on their own. The lack of a strict structure facilitates lively and colorful communication, building relationships and involvement in the life of the company. 

Anyone who wants to share their knowledge with other employees, present their achievements or simply ask a question, can do so.

One of the leaders of communication turned out to be the Company Leader Piotr Hunker, who from the beginning of the pandemic openly informed employees about the situation of the company in the new reality. Live transmission after two weeks of transition to the remote work mode allowed for efficient transfer of the most important information about the state of the company and the next steps. The video, which was supposed to reassure employees, define the most important challenges faced by the organization, show the shape of the home office mode and motivate action, met with a large, very positive response. 

Knowledge Library - everything that matters in one place

Knowledge Library has facilitated the efficient transfer of the most valuable resources of corporate knowledge in one place. Thanks to this, the onboarding of every new employee is now much more efficient and faster, and everyone has access to the centralized  information base.

Positive emotions in communication 

In this difficult pandemic reality, emphasized the positive approach in communication. Employees have openly shared their sales successes, and have been actively involved in building the brand. They still continue to do so.

Virtual events 

Particular events that used to take place in the office have been taken to the virtual world. The HR team introduces new employees in individual posts. The internal training called Share the smartness in the form of webinars give the opportunity to constantly expand knowledge of, among others, the tools in use, including LinkedIn and Asana.

Employer branding and health 

Workplace from Meta is a platform that facilitates building relationships between employees. Within particular groups employees share their interests, exchange recipes, they can also "virtually" exercise together thanks to the option of posting videos. Gosia, a yoga enthusiast, uploads her videos where she encourages others to practice together.

Useful apps for creating content on Workplace from Meta 

  • Canva & Crello - help you create videos and animations that attract a larger audience  
  • Piktochart - allows you to create infographics
  • Grytics - an analytical tool
  • Magisto and GoAnimate - tools for creating movies and animations

How well does Workplace from Meta work? 

In the last month, 95.95% of employees were active on WP and 338 posts were created within groups. has opted for internal communication adjusted to the culture of the organization. Workplace works great because it allows for open, dynamic exchange of ideas, quick and transparent problem solving, open feedback and building engagement.

Employees are active users of the platform and willingly share opinions on issues related to both work and personal matters. Thanks to the introduction of Workplace in, the necessity of remote work has not had a negative impact on the involvement of employees in the life of the company.