Workplace news
March 31, 2022

What's new in Workplace?

New billing - more flexibility 

Effective January 1, 2022, Workplace introduced a new pricing plan called Workplace Core, which replaced the previous Workplace Enterprise and Workplace Advanced. From this point forward, the price for each user is $4 per month. This is an offer for new Workplace users. Existing pricing, according to the contract, remains unchanged until the next contract is signed. 

In addition to the basic plan, two add-ons have been released:

  • Enhanced Admin & Support ($2 user/month) is advanced administration and support, and includes more login options and priority customer service, among other features. 
  • Enterprise Live ($2 user/month) provides the ability to stream events to large audiences while reducing the impact on the network.

Organizing events becomes even easier! 

Workplace from Meta introduces a new and improved way to improve communication by creating events and broadcasts. From now on, when organising an event online, it is possible to add its location. In addition, with the Live Producer tool, you can plan well in advance and easily find all upcoming broadcasts. With the ability to invite entire Workplace groups, add up to 50,000 participants and the option to post not just for hosts, organising online events couldn't be easier. 

Synchronise events with other calendars

The new integration allows Workplace from Meta to synchronise with Outlook calendar, Gmail and other tools. Also new is the ability to synchronize recurring events with participants' calendars. We encourage you to visit the Help Center to learn more about this capability.

The true value of frontline workers

February in Workplace was marked by research into the user experience of the so-called first-line employees, i.e. people working, for example, in production, logistics centres or customer service. Despite the fact that they form the foundation of an organisation and their role is often crucial in it, they are still not given enough attention.  According to research by experts from Workplace from Meta, based on more than 7,000 surveys, only 55% of frontline employees feel part of the community and company culture, and as many as 75% of them do not fully trust the organisation when it comes to transparency of information flows. These results point to the need for action to activate frontline employees and improve their engagement with the organisation. 

Integration with WhatsApp

The planned 2022 integration of Workplace from Meta with the popular messenger WhatsApp is fast approaching. The integration will ensure that essential information and updates can reach frontline employees, for whom WhatsApp is often the only tool to communicate with other employees. This will keep them up to date with what is happening in the organisation regardless of where they are. 

Workplace Safety Center 

The Safety Center is committed to ensuring the safety of all Workplace users. As such, several improvements have recently been made to make the process even more efficient. Messages and notifications from the Safety Center are now available in one place. 

Employees will now see the Safety Center logo in the sidebar for easy access to current and archived messages. Additionally, the recipient of a message can now determine if it is relevant to them or not. 

Simplified Knowledge Library navigation

To improve the clarity of the Knowledge Library, all categories are now visible on one page. Administrators and content moderators can filter sections using the tabs at the top to see published categories, draft versions and those that have been deleted. When creating or editing a category, an administrator can choose whether to include or remove it from the main navigation.

Engaging online events

Whether your event is planned in advance or hosted live, inviting people to attend is now much easier by sending invitations to entire Workplace groups and external audiences.

The simplified Live Producer tool allows you to reach up to 100,000 users without affecting the quality of the broadcast. You can get audience feedback via live reactions while it's happening, and a fuller view of how people are engaging with running events afterwards. 

New profile picture overlays

Updated profile photo overlays give you more ways to customise your profile and keep employees informed of your current status. These include the Work From Home, Work Anniversary, On Leave, New Hire and On Holiday frames. 

Advanced statistics monitoring

Creators and administrators can now check the effectiveness of their content directly from posts. Brand new functionality such as monitoring click-through rate, engagement and post completion allows them to do this. It is also possible to track the performance of video content thanks to view statistics, and the list of top posts in the Insights tab highlights the most effective content and top creators.