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July 14, 2022

What's New in Workplace? | 2Q 2022

Another quarter in Workplace has brought with it new functionalities and changes in the operation of the tool. We have recapped for you the most interesting of them. Ready? Here we go! 

Collections in the Knowledge Library

Workplace has introduced a new way to share and organize content in the Knowledge Library. Collections allow administrators to better categorize links and files within the Library. A search option allows users to find materials shared with employees more quickly. This functionality is ideal when there is a new employee in the company requiring efficient onboarding. With the ability to combine materials into categories and subcategories in the Collection, they can be grouped accordingly and shared directly with the new person or pinned in a group post.

If you manage the Knowledge Library in your company, check out this short video on the improved way to organize materials: Collections in the Knowledge Library.

Live broadcasts - integration with Zoom, Webex and BlueJeans

With the integrations introduced, live broadcasts allow you to stream directly in Workplace. This will allow you to reach more people with important information that occurs during your online meetings.  If someone from your team, for example, is unable to attend a team meeting or webinar, they will be able to catch up later by watching the recording, which will be saved as a post on Workplace. 

You can find all the highlights of this solution here: Integrate Workplace with video chat tools.

Tagging a request shift cover

This Workplace functionality allows you to inform all employees of a shift cover. To use it, it must be top-down on the company's instance of the tool. If, for some reason, an employee cannot be present or needs a shift replacement while on leave from work, his manager can share this information with his team to find another person in his place, taking into account the availability of other employees. To create an open shift notification, managers must have administrator or group moderator privileges. 

Learn more about how to manage shift replacement information in the Workplace Help Center.

Statistics for Administrators

As of May, Workplace administrators have access to statistics from all groups, even if they are not group administrators. This helps to easily monitor user activity and engagement in individual groups. Administrators can also download statistics for specific date ranges, up to a year back.

Go to the Help Center to learn more about Statistics for Group Administrators in the Workplace.


User account access without email

Workplace has made it easier for employees without a corporate email address to access the platform. It is now possible to convert a given account with email into an account without email access. Users can use access codes to log in or reset their passwords. 

For more information on logging in without email, see this article

Enhanced Survey Tool

As of recently, the question limit in the Surveys tool has been expanded to 10. 

How to use Surveys and its benefits can be found in this guide.

Chat in the mobile app 

Until now, it was necessary to use two separate apps. From now on, the Workplace app also has Chat functionality. The update is available for both Android and iOS. 

Integrations - Windows

Since April, you can configure your Workplace with Microsoft tools such as SharePoint and Teams