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June 23, 2022

Remote onboarding - how to do it right?

Imagine this situation, you start working in a new place. You've made up your mind strongly based on the fact that it's a remote job. You wonder what your onboarding will look like. The thought arises: "Nobody told me that everything would take place online. Will there be any problems if I don't show up at the company's headquarters?". Heads up, it certainly won't be as scary as it sounds.

Onboarding is one of the key stages when an employee joins a company. This is when any burning questions can be answered in relation to the organisation chart, the mode of work, where to find information about holidays, or simply to talk about difficulties related to the tasks performed.  Having a structured employee induction plan will certainly make the work of the HR departments easier. But is simply having a plan enough? 

Technologies supporting HR departments

It is worth looking for support in technology that creates a place adapted to better communication with employees, allowing to build bonds within groups, as well as providing tools for more effective execution of employer branding activities. Workplace from Meta is certainly such a tool. 

Why Workplace is a good choice, we wrote here. Apart from its obvious advantages that will support HR departments, it also allows for faster and more effective adaptation of the employee in the new environment. 

So how does it all work?

Meet Kasia. As of today, she will take up the position of Junior Sales Specialist. Her supervisor is Magda, who manages the whole department. However, both girls are located in two cities 400 km apart, and the company headquarters is at the other end of Poland. So how can Magda show Kasia what working in her team is all about?

  1. To introduce Kasia, a welcome post appears on the company wall. Ania from the HR department describes her job duties and adds a few words about Kasia. Each employee can say hello to the new team member, write a few words of their own in the comments section and react to the post.
  2. Magda's first activity is a meeting, which thanks to Workplace can take place in a specially created Room. During the meeting, Kasia will learn how important it is to correctly fill in the profile, what the organisation chart looks like and get to know the very essence of the platform (tabs News, Knowledge Library and others).
  3. The next stage is to show Kasia the Groups and briefly discuss their purpose. This is important from the point of view of getting to know the functioning of the company both operationally and after working hours, where employees can freely exchange information and build relationships. 
  4. With the help of Magda, Kasia is shown the Knowledge Library, where she can find all the information she needs on internal procedures (e.g. how to correctly request a day off), company history and information on benefits and training.
  5. Finally, Kasia is given a list of tasks to be completed as part of her full induction into her new responsibilities. This list is updated by the HR department in cooperation with unit managers, so that no stage of onboarding is missed.

Once Kasia is familiar with how the tool works, she is ready to start working for the company. Truth be told, it wasn't as difficult as it might have seemed. :) Thanks to the possibility to constantly stay connected with Magda, Kasia feels taken care of and the implementation process becomes a pleasant experience for both her and Magda.

Remote onboarding can be simple and enjoyable, while at the same time it can shorten the duration of the very moment of introducing a fresh employee to new responsibilities. 

Workplace form Meta provides a number of functionalities and metrics that will allow you to efficiently welcome a new member of staff, as well as check their progress and get valuable feedback during subsequent employer branding activities. It is also worth mentioning that the process of introducing a new employee is shortened by 24% on average when using Workplace.
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